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Comprehensive business management and financial services for venture-backed, early-to mid-stage technology and life sciences companies.

  • Part-time cfo services
  • board services
  • project-based financial consulting
  • Post Transaction and Wind Downs

Part-Time CFO Services

CFO Connect® provides early-and mid-stage venture-backed companies with part-time CFO's through a dedicated, long-term, part-time relationship determined by the needs of the organization. Our CFOs:

  • Perform all the traditional duties of a CFO.
  • Work synergistically with the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and management team as the senior financial member.
  • Provide necessary fiscal expertise, thereby allowing the CEO and other team members to focus on their core competencies.
  • Assist the management team at the strategic planning level to realize business plan goals.
  • Naturally integrate into the management team, offering the full benefits of a CFO at substantially less cost than a full time CFO


Board Services

We provide Board Services to early- and mid-stage companies seeking independent, senior level financial acumen and experience.

Through CFO Connect® Board Services, we can provide professional, senior level fiscal advisement by serving as:

- An independent financial expert on the Board of Directors and chairing or serving on audit committees, or

- An independent financial advisor to the Board and/or audit committees.

Ultimately, the goal is to assist the board in ensuring the company has solid corporate governance, complies with Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, and maintains a management team dedicated to moving the business toward the direction envisioned by the company's business plan.

Adherent to our age of heightened corporate and accounting responsibility, CFO Connect® is fully versed and compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley legislation and requirements. This legislation outlines new or enhanced standards for all US public and private company boards, management, and public accounting firms.

Sarbanes-Oxley Requirements

While Sarbanes-Oxley legislation is directed toward publicly held companies, privately held venture-backed companies are finding it prudent to comply with the major elements of the legislation.

According to Sarbanes-Oxley legislation Audit Committee Financial Experts must have the following attributes:

(i) an understanding of GAAP and financial statements;

(ii) the ability to assess the general application of such principles in connection with the accounting for estimates, accruals and reserves;

(iii) experience preparing, auditing, analyzing or evaluating financial statements that present a breadth and level of complexity of accounting issues that are generally comparable to the breadth and complexity of issues that can reasonably be expected to be raised by the registrant's financial statements, or experience actively supervising one or more persons engaged in such activities;

(iv) an understanding of internal controls and the procedures for financial reporting; and

(v) an understanding of audit committee functions.

Project-based Financial Consulting

CFO Connect® Project-based Financial Consulting delivers immediate, experienced financial management with the long-term goal of guiding existing staff toward improved management systems. Our offerings include the following:

Accounting Operations

  • Cash management
  • Hiring, training, and developing accounting staff
  • Accounting software selection and implementation
  • Financial reporting
  • Corporate governance, internal controls, and procedures
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Financial analysis of product/line/business profitability

Risk Management

  • Establishing programs with risk management professionals to establish adequate insurance coverage

Credit & Collections

  • Reviewing and improving credit and collections functions

Audit & Tax Management

  • Leading and managing external audit and tax preparation activities

Capital Formation & Structure

  • Business plan preparation and presentation
  • Managing the procurement of private equity, venture capital, and bank financing
  • Coordinating the management team and external capital providers to establish appropriate valuations, term sheets, and equity structures
  • Road show participation
  • Spearheading the due diligence process
  • Directing external legal and audit activities around private offerings


  • Letters of credit
  • Customs and duties
  • Duty drawback
  • Maquilladora operations
  • International subsidiary formation
  • Business relations in Asia and Europe

Information Technology

  • Supervising the IT function and coordinating with outside providers to ensure adequate IT services
  • Accounting software selection and implementation

Human Resources

  • Overseeing the Human Resources function
  • Compensation and benefits review
  • Company policies and procedures

Investor and Bank Relations

  • Managing all financial matters with banks and investors
  • Domestic and international bank loan facilities


  • Conducting financial due diligence of potential acquisition targets

Board Advisory Services

  • Assisting Board of Directors on financial matters

Post Transaction and Wind Down Services

Companies recently completing a merger or entering into an eminent shut down may utilize the services of CFO Connect to fulfill a timely and efficient transition from an active company to a post transaction environment. At the direction of the Board of Directors, CFO Connect will manage, plan, direct and execute the post transaction or wind down process. CFO Connect will oversee the process of reducing any remaining workforce, terminating vendor services, closing down facilities, selling off assets and managing the day to day issues that arise during this time.

In addition to the Board, CFO Connect works with the creditors, institutional investors the company's legal representation and tax preparers to bring the process to an ultimate conclusion. Let the experts at CFO Connect manage your post transaction and wind down activities in a timely and efficient manner.

Post Transaction Services

After completing a successful merger, CFO Connect can administer the post transaction process by taking care of any remaining entities or assets that were not included in the merger. Typically, there will be some Intellectual property or viable scientific or technological assets that may require being sold or liquidated. Milestone payments or royalty payments from past licensing agreements may still need to be collected. CFO Connect will manage and direct your entity until all milestone and royalty payments have been satisfied. Our part-time CFO Service is a perfect fit for managing and administering your post transaction process.

Wind Down Services

Some companies may not have been as successful as originally envisioned and are therefore being shuttered for a variety of reasons. Even with successful mergers there remains a winding down of the remaining workforce, closing of facilities and the liquidation of hard assets. Many times, there are uncollected milestone payments, outstanding receivables, legal proceedings, bank or creditor obligations that need to be concluded. CFO Connect has the necessary skills and experience to make your wind down a success. CFO Connect will be your central communications point providing clear progress updates, continued financial reporting and ensuring the company remains in compliance with all federal, state and employment regulations.

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